About Us

Crafted with passion and care, Frescia is a skincare brand that has years of strenuous research on skincare and a dream to blend nature with beauty. Our secret to formulate the unbeatable products of Frescia is to use plant based ingredients and botanical oils. We are a small start up that supports the idea of ‘Vocal for local’ and wishes to support small scale farmers, micro, small and cottage industries. 

frescia body cleaners combo

How Frescia was formulated...

Frescia has brought a wide range of products that are toxin free produced with fresh hand-picked farm ingredients. We have assimilated products for all skin types, gender and complexion. Our extensive research on cosmetics, side effects of component, natural alternatives to every chemical ingredients have enabled us to formulate and produce natural hypoallergenic skin and hair products devoid of harmful chemicals like SLS, paraben, formaldehyde, phthalate, petrolatum, triclosan, heavy metals like lead, aluminum, dry alcohol. 

Our secret to formulate these unbeatable products is to use plant-based ingredients and botanical oils.

What makes us different..

We minimize the use of plastic and paper for packaging and wrapped our products with beautifully handcrafted jute pouch. Through this, we can support the more than 100-year-old Jute sector and approx. 5million families in India. Our all products are produced in India and we support the micro, small and cottage industries to build a strong and self-reliant economy.

A touch of Nature..

Frescia is a small initiative to support our mother earth and animals. We are strictly against animal testing. We fell our nature down to create these products. Now it’s our call to return the favor and plant more trees. So, we decide to put a pack of seeds in every package of order.Take care ofnature as you take care of yourself!

We provide handcrafted & natural loofah with every cleansers to promote the use of natural items instead of sythetic products for our skin.

Handcrafted Gifts..

Our special gift kits have antique wooden bowl and spatula which is solely handcrafted by wood artisans of Bengal. Made with Mahogany woods and layer of organic beeswax Polish, you can feel the ancient and royal touch in this bowl and spatula. You can feel the finest art of India through this gift set.

All our gift boxes are 100% handcrafted & made with sustainable paper packaging.

Hope you enjoy the opulence of nature crafted products with love and care just for you!