Why Body Scrub is Necessary? Know about the 6 Benefits of Using Body Scrub

Why Body Scrub is Necessary? Know about the 6 Benefits of Using Body Scrub

Everyone out there has become aware of healthy skin care habits. But when we talk about skincare regime, does it include only taking care of our face? Our body needs the same skincare regime to become healthy, soft and supple. 

Just like our mind needs rest to function even more strongly; our body needs scrubbing to keep our skin healthy, soft, smooth, and rejuvenating. Body scrubbing is essential as it shed away all the dead cells from the body and polishes the skin without hurting it. Let’s find the benefits of using body scrub.

What is meant by a Body Scrub?

A body scrub refers to natural or chemical exfoliator that it deep cleanses the skin, removes dead cells from the skin, clears off excess oil, and makes the skin clear and clean. Body scrubs usually consist of exfoliating granules which help to polish the body and remove all the dust and dirt from the skin and make it smooth and shiny. 

The tiny particles of the scrub when massaged gently over the skin increases the blood flow to the surface of the skin through the power of exfoliating components. There are lots of benefits of using body scrub.

There are three types of scrubs which are known to be the most powerful scrubbing components which can heal the skin without causing cuts, skin damage. They are:

  • Salt scrub,

  • Sugar Scrub,

  • Walnut shell powder scrub.

Some Benefits of using Body Scrub:

Body scrub must become a part of your weekly skincare regime if you want to enjoy flawless skin not only on your face but also body. While a good natural body scrub can enhance the health of your skin, choice of chemical stuffed body scrub can cause equal damage. Therefore, you must always be careful about choosing your body scrub. There are lots of benefits of using body scrub.

Now let us focus on some of the benefits of a good body Scrub:

  1. Removes Impurities from the body

Body Scrub removes the impurities from our body like dirty toxins and pollutants which get’s stuck to our body during our everyday commute or direct contact with the pollution. Not only this it also removes dirt around areas like the elbows and knees where the dirt sticks the most and causes dullness.

  1. Makes the skin soft

It is important to use the scrub of the renowned company as it can cause itching and burns if the brand is not good. But if the company is good, it makes the skin softer and smoother. It moisturizes your entire body, keeping away all the impurities.

  1. Lesser the growth of ingrown hairs

The usage of scrub means exfoliating the excess hairs on the body. Regular usage of scrub can minimize the growth of ingrown hairs and can also reduce the already grown hairs on the body. It is a natural process that helps!

  1. Younger Look

Removal of dead skin cells removes away all the dullness from your skin making it clear and rejuvenating. Regular scrubbing your skin would make you look younger, youthful and you will tend to have a more radiant look to your skin.

  1. Removes Tan

As we step out in the sun with or without sunscreen every day, it is no surprise than your body gets tanned. Using body scrub at least twice a week can help you remove the layer of tan on your body without spending hefty in beauty salons.

  1. Treats Body Acne

Body acne is definitely a big headache and a barrier to your dream of achieving flawless skin. If you have been struggling with body acne, try out body scrub containing purifying ingredients like tea tree oil.

While the body scrub sucks out the impurities from body pore, the bioactive components of tea tree oil work effectively on your skin to treat body acne. Check out Frescia’s tea tree body scrub if you want to bid a goodbye to your body acne.

How to use a Body Scrub?

  • Soak your skin

Fully prepped skin would enable the scrub to fully benefit the exfoliation process. Rinsing your skin with lukewarm water would open up your pores fully and also soften the skin’s surface for better results.

  • Apply with gentle hands

You don’t need to be harsh while applying the scrub onto your skin. It can create a scratch-like appearance on your skin. Massage the scrub with gentle hands around your skin, body, elbow, chest, back. Take care of the circular motion while applying the scrub and move in momentum only in one direction. Do not over massage your body. It can cause rashes.

  • Rinse it off

It’s time to rinse off the scrub while having a proper bath or under the shower. Do not use any soap or bath gel as it can harsh up your skin’s surface. Rinse the excess scrub with warm water and tap your face with a dry towel.

You can also buy Frescia’s Tea Tree Body Scrub which is reasonably priced and has all the important ingredients which are needed or are necessary for a Body Scrub.

All About Frescia’s Tea Tree Body Scrub:

Frescia’s Tea Tree Body scrub is powered by the freshness of the tea tree extracts which builds a balance between the excess sebum on the skin and keeps the skin moisturized. It also removes dullness from the skin and makes way for the dead skin cells to depart from the skin leaving the charm and fresh look onto the skin. 

Not only this it also makes you feel fresh and rejuvenated throughout the day and exfoliates the rough and dry cells.

It cleans up the body as a whole and also rescues your skin from the dullness and roughness that gradually makes its way by everyday hustle. Enriched with pure natural ingredients, benefits of using body scrub is it has excellent antimicrobial and ant inflammation properties that can help you get rid of body acne and unexpected inflammation on your body.

Frescia’s Tea Tree Body Scrub is cruelty-free, paraben, and sulfate-free which is prepared without using any kind of harsh chemicals and only natural ingredients. You can feel the benefits of using body scrub by the Frescia’s tea tree body scrub.

Some Benefits of the Frescia’s Tea Tree Body Scrub:

  1. Cleanses the skin deeply

  2. Removes Tan

  3. Removes Hyper pigmentation

  4. Removes excess oil from the skin

It is suitable for both Men and Women!

Final Thoughts

Just CTM for your face is not enough, care a bit more for your body to enjoy healthy glowing skin. Switch to Frescia’s basil tea tree shower gel and tea tree body scrub to enjoy naturally glowing skin. 


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