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Why Body Scrub is Necessary? Know about the 6 Benefits of Using Body Scrub

benefits of body scrub

Everyone out there has become aware of healthy skin care habits. But when we talk about skincare regime, does it include only taking care of our face? Our body needs the same skincare regime to become healthy, soft and supple.  Just like our mind needs rest to function even more strongly; our body needs scrubbing […]

6 Skincare Gift set Appropriate for Every Occasion!

skincare gift set

Women are more possessive about their skin than any other thing in the World. They just have to look beautiful and thus they buy skincare gift set which would make their skin beauty-friendly and yet turn their charming side on.
Well, occasions are always there in everyone’s life and to attend those occasions the foremost thing is just to look beautiful and charming throughout. To get that glow and spark to your skin, Frescia has come up with a variety of kits that will soothe your skin and give you an impactful smooth look.

6 Essential & Unknown facts with Benefits of Tea Tree Oil for Skin & Hair

benefits of tea tree oil

Unknown Facts & Benefits of Tea Tree Oil: Native to Australia, Tea tree oil has earned a huge popularity over the last few decades as an essential ingredient for skincare regime. Tea tree oil is extracted from an Australian plant named Melaleuca alternifolia and has been used as a cure-all oil for its medicinal benefits. […]

Best Top 10 Skincare essentials everyone should have in their collection

skincare essentials

Skincare has always been the hot talk among circles. With the plethora of skincare essentials from several brands, it can be a challenging task to choose what’s best for your skin.  However, you must be aware of the skincare essentials that you cannot forget to have in your collection. Let’s take a quick look into the skincare essentials and suggestion of natural products that fits perfectly into your skincare regime.

Coffee in Skincare in 5 ways: The magical bean for your skin

body-scrub-ground-coffee-coconut-shell-homemade-cosmetic-peeling-spa-care (2)

Coffee is an excellent natural ingredient that can be infused into various skin and hair care products such as face wash, scrub, mask, moisturizers etc. Let’s look into the perks that your skin can enjoy by regular use of pure grounded coffee in skincare product.